Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Review: ESPN's 'Tilt'

For ESPN to justify showing anything other than sports scores and highlights, it should be first-class entertainment. "Tilt" felt more like a B-list movie. I know poker is really popular now, but do we really need a dramatic series related to the game? This will be off the air faster than I usually lose my money in Vegas. Grade: C-

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Review: Meet The Fockers

Chewing on a piece of aluminum foil would have been less painful than sitting through this cinematic train wreck. Like budget horror movies, there were a bunch of corny jokes, and it was one sequel too many. The highlight of the dreadful experience was that I spotted Hulk Hogan in the theater. It made me nostalgic for the late '80s - when he was WWF champ, De Niro and Hoffman made movies that were tolerable, and Barbra Streisand had taken a break from making any movies at all. Hand me and the Hulkster some Reynolds wrap and get us a refund.

Grade: F