Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help Mookie Find a New Home

 As you may have heard, we recently had to surrender our beloved Mookie up for adoption. 

Mookie came into our lives when she was eight weeks old, and it is only because we loved her so dearly that we were willing to admit that it was time to find her a better home.  Ever since Milo arrived, it was a struggle to get Mookie acclimated to the new family dynamic.  We tried very hard to give her everything she needed, but after 15 months without improvement, we could no longer cross our fingers and hope for the best.  We decided we couldn't be selfish anymore and keep her around for our own amusement when she wasn't getting what she needed. 
At five years old this month, Mookie is still a high energy puppy who needs lots and lots of attention and exercise.  Recently donned "the wrecking ball who impacted everyone she met," she is extremely loving towards adults even though she's no fan of animals or people her own size.
Although it broke our hearts to give her up, we know that giving her up was the right thing to do for for her, and for Milo.
Fortunately, there is an organization called the French Bulldog Rescue Network who made our decision A LOT easier.  This wonderful group gladly came to our rescue and placed Mookie in a foster home while they work to find her a new "forever home" where she can be the center of somebody's universe again.  We know the right home will love her to pieces.
Please take a moment to visit Mookie's page on the FBRN website, spread the word around, and if you can spare a couple bucks to sponsor her, it would go to a truly worthy cause.

Also, as a tribute, here's a link to some of Mookie's "greatest hits"

Godspeed, Mookie!

Mike and Michelle


Michelle D said...

Hi, Mike. My name is Michelle and I adopted Mookie. I saw your blog and her photos a while ago and have been meaning to get in touch. Mookie is doing great! She now lives in MA and has a sister, Annie Oakley, another FBRN rescue, whom she loves to boss around. She has a big yard to run in with lots of sticks to eat. She is a really happy gal. It is obvious you cared for her very much and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well. If you are interested in seeing some pictures, I can send you some.

Mike V said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for posting this! We were just looking at old pictures of Mookie this week and were wondering how she was. You really made our night. We would love to see photos. Thank you for taking such good care of her. We know she is happier now than she would have been in our small place. It was a rough transition for her when we moved from our North Carolina house to our New Jersey townhouse, and especially when the baby came. Please email me at VERCEMAN[AT]YAHOO.COM