Monday, June 20, 2005

My Review: Batman Begins

Growing up, Batman was always my favorite superhero character. He was just so darn unique! He managed to become mainstream, despite his darkness. Plus, he was the only superhero without superpowers. And remarkably, the newest film is as unique as it’s protagonist. How? Well, for starters, Batman Begins is one of the few surefire Hollywood blockbusters that are actually really good movies. And it’s a prequel, for crying out loud! How many other prequels are good? I can think of none. (Think: Dumb and Dumberer) But Batman Begins is fun, thrilling, and huge, without sacrificing acting, dialogue, or direction. Christian Bale takes his place among the all time greats to wear the cowl, and Katie Holmes’ performance is almost good enough to make you forget about this nonsense with Tom Cruise. Bottom line: I left the theatre feeling that my time and money were well spent. I can only hope for as much with next year's Superman Returns. Grade: A

Superman Returns Preview Page

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