Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Real World - Austin

The ridiculous but (sort of) true story of seven horny hardbodies, picked to live in a free house, and have their sex lives taped. Watch what happens when young people stop being real and start being really dramatic.

I remember watching the Real World when I was too young too be a member of the cast. It's still on, but now I'm a bit too old and way too unattractive! Where do they find these people? Are there that many people out there with flawless bodies and no inhibitions whatsoever? Within the first ten minutes of tonight's season premiere the cast was in a hot tub and two of the girls were making out. A minute later all of them were in a shower. Then they decided to go out and get drunk, presumably to loosen up a bit.

This is the 16th season of this show! Man, am I old.


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