Friday, October 28, 2005

Mmmmm.... Milk Duds...

Hershey is suing this clothing company for trademark infringement. They want to stop the clothing company from using the name "Milkdudz" for their line of apparel that makes breastfeeding easier.

Hershey's says: "The clothier is trying to capitalize on the name recognition of Milk Duds to avoid having to build up its own brand."

Milkdudz co-founder Kiersten Wall says that Hershey has a trademark only for candy, not clothing: "It's not like we'd be right next to them in the candy aisle. We're in boutiques. We're not anywhere close to competing with Hershey's."

What do you think? Is this a case of copyright infringement, or a situation where a big greedy company is stepping on the little guy?

My opinion is that the name "Milk Duds" makes a heck of a lot more sense for clothing ("duds") than candy anyway.

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Dave L said...

Someone at the Hershey's corp. is getting paid alot of money to surf the web and find any remote chance of raising a stink. There's no question that this is the big guy trying to intimidate the little guy ... err.. girl.

The sad thing is that Hershey's has the resources to tie this up in litigation for a long time. No chance of the little player being able to compete even if they're in the right.