Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Adam Duritz Not Doing Well

Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Counting Crows, announced on his blog yesterday that the reason we fans haven't seen much of the band in the way of a tour or album recently, is that he is going through some personal mental problems. He says he's not "stable." Some excerpts:

"Right now I'm just trying to live my life. I just wanna try and put it back together. The last few years I've been personally just slipping further and further downhill. It got to a point where I felt things were becoming unsafe for me. I've never been the most stable person but i was seriously losing touch with my surroundings and not thinking very clearly. It happens. For some of us, this sort of thing is just a fact of life. You have to try and learn to live with the way your head works or find the drugs that make it work better or whatever. Either way, that's all I'm trying to do. And i know I can't do it on a tourbus. I lost my way out there in the first place.

"So I'm just trying to live my life and fix some things. Because I'm a musician and I wanna get back to doing the things I was born to do."

"My main aim in life right now is to take care of myself and avoid as much as possible the kind of people who want to waste their time judging me."

"I'm on sabbatical trying not to go too 'Smiley Smile' on ya. I tried it out. I grew the beard and stayed in bed most of the Summer. But in the end, things started to feel more than a little sketchy so I got out of bed. Kept the beard though."

As an enormous Counting Crows fan, I hope whatever demons Adam is battling, he comes out okay. Hopefully soon he'll feel well enough to get back to his music, which in turn might lead to his further healing.

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