Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mets Hot Stove Report

Haven't done a baseball post in a while...

The Mets had a decent season, but now is the time of year where the media speculates on how teams will try and tinker with their rosters to build a better ballclub. Here are my comments on some of the players that have been rumored as possible Mets in 2006:

Manny Ramirez. Of course it would be amazing to get a guy who puts up the numbers he puts up. He is clutch, and he is awesome. I don't even think Heilmen and Milledge is too much to ask for the guy. HOWEVER, can someone please tell me why every year he asks to be traded? He's getting paid a ridiculous amount of money, he's beloved in Boston, and the team is really good with a chance at winning a championship every year. I've never see a reason for his trade requests teh past few years. Are the Boston sportswriters that lazy to ask the question? If we get him, will he ask to be traded after the first year and then we've lost him and our top prospects?

Carlos Delgado. This would be pretty sweet, to get a guy who can play first base and hit like crazy. I think it would be crazy to see him in a Mets uniform after all the Minaya bashing that Delgado supposedly said last spring. But I wanted the Mets to sign him last winter, and I think he's a better idea than most of the others I've heard. Would he really come here and not ask for a trade next winter?

Sheffield. No, thank you. We should have gotten him 8 years ago. Move on. The guy is a complete ass and a whiner. I don't need to read reports of him complaining about how bad he hurts and how much he's underpaid.

Sammy Sosa. Okay, last season Omar was the only guy in the universe who thought Sosa in a Mets uni was a good idea. If he still thinks it's a good idea, after his atrocious season, I think we should really question his sanity.

Trading Benson and Trachsel. Yes, Benson is overpaid, but is there really anyone better available? Trachsel's making like 8 cents next year. The only reason to trade him is if you're gonna give his slot to Heilman or Seo.

Kenji Jojima Wow, the Mets have had soo much success with importing players from Japan. I mean Shinjyo, Matsui, Komiyama are all sure-fire, first-ballot hall-of-famers. Sooner or later the Mets luck would have to run out.

Pudge Rodriguez. His production is way down and he'll be 34 next year. I thought that was why we were letting Piazza move on.

Furcal. If he really is willing to come to teh Mets and play second, and it isn't just his agent trying to jack up his price by getting a New York team involved, pull the trigger on this one. No-brainer. The guy can field and hit and run. Nice to get him away from the Braves. Maybe that would make up for how much Glavine sucks.

Aubrey Huff and Baez Landing Huff sounds like something the Steve Phillips Mets would do. Acquire a second rate player and try to sell him to teh fans as a savior. IIt doesn't sound like Minaya's style. Baez I guess would be good if we don't get Wagner.

Wagner. I think everyone will be shocked if it doesn't happen. Which means it probably won't happen.

Thoughts? Comments? Did I miss anything/anyone?


Anthony said...

Manny Ramirez - To me the only untouchable on the Mets is David Wright, so they can give up whomever to get Manny and it would be worth it. You do bring up an excellent point, why he always wants to be traded, and will he want to be traded after he gets here. I would guess he has a problem with ownership/management there, which might not necessarily happen here, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Carlos Delgado - I wouldn't mind getting this guy instead of Manny, because he would slide nicely into the hole at first base and at cleanup in the lineup. Getting Manny to play left and moving Floyd will probably piss off Cliff, and then he'll punch something and break his arm. However, after all the bad vibes created last offseason, I highly doubt he would ever come here, as long as Minaya is in charge. I read that things go so bad they had to remove Tony Berzanard from the negotiations. And don't forget Delgado's agent is a real tool, he even got into fights with the NY media ( I think Jon Heyman). This is a longshot at best. Delgado would more likely land on the Braves than the Mets.

Sheffield - I agree 100%, although I would love to see the Yankees trade him, because that will really piss him off.

Sammy Sosa - I figure if Omar can get him on the cheap (Not sure of his contract status) than who cares? He'll be off the team by mid season anyways. His value has to have dropped tremendously since last year. Not much of a downside.

Trading Benson and Trachsel - Benson is really not that great, so if they can get anything useful for him I say do it. But with his contract he is going to be so hard to move. They might as well keep trachsel as a 4th/5th starter. I think Minaya has something else up his sleeve (maybe AJ burnett?) that is making these guys expendable. ALthough Seo and Heilman could replace these guys for cheaper anyway.

Kenji Jojima - I say run away as far as you can from this guy. No way this works out. It angers me that they even consider this as an option.

Pudge Rodriguez - A better option than the Japanese guy. But I think he's like a deflated balloon now that he's off the juice.

Furcal - How about Furcal at short and move Reyes to second?

Huff/Baez - This does sound like Steve Phillips. IMO, don't make anymore deals with the DEVIL rays.

Wagner - I think this is one of Minaya's top priorities. I think it will happen, but what the hell do I know?

It's nice to at least hear the Mets going after top level players. I just hope it doesn't turn into a rotisserie-type failure like the yankees are.

Scott said...

Manny Ramirez - With Pedro babysitting him again, he might calm down when playing in New York. It would also be interesting to see where he'd take a bathroom break during a game in the Shea outfield. The top hat perhaps? Considering that he gets as many RBIs in a season as Piazza has gotten in the last three is too good to pass up. Trade anybody you want (besides Wright).

Delgado - The only problem here is that we'd have to take Delgado's agent also. That guy has pissed off every team he's ever come in contact with. We all know that deep down, Delgado realizes he chose the wrong team last year and would have had the Mets in the playoffs in 2005. Mike - Delgado can't field. So, he "plays" first base, but doesn't really play it well. I don't care, I'll still take him.

Sheffield - Mets leave and become better players as Yankees. Yankee players come to Shea and get worse. Doesn't matter if they pitch or hit......once they become a Met, the skills evaporate. We could have had him at one time for Alfonso.....Benitez....and Payton. Steve Phillips strikes again...

Sosa - There is nosa shot we are getting Sosa. If we do, I'm not going to gosa to Shea this season.

Trachsel/Benson - I'd take AJ Burnett over Trachsel, I think Peterson can work his mojo on him. As for Benson, you can trade him and keep his wife.

Jojima - Note to Omar - if a player bows when he meets you, or eats without shoes on....don't sign him.

Furcal - He's going to the Cubs...we have no shot. Even if we get wouldn't make up for Glavine.

Huff/Baez - Landing Huff does sound like something the Steve Phillips Mets would do, but landing Muff sounds like something Steve Phillips was doing behind his wife's back when he was Mets GM.

Wagner - As I've pointed out many times....if we get Wagner, he will be hurt most of the season or have 12 blown saves a year. Free agents NEVER do what they are supposed to do when they become a Met. Good base stealer? Come get your hamstrings destroyed! Great glove? Let's get 18 errors! Great pitcher...let's lose your teeth in a taxi accident.

Anonymous said...

Scotts comments are funny...especially about Manny pissing in the top hat, and Glavine & his famous teeth.