Friday, September 29, 2006

Hybrid Update

I filled up my Civic Hybrid's tank for the second time this morning. Since my last fill-up I went 397 miles on 8.8 gallons of gas. That's over 45 miles per gallon, and with barely any highway miles! I'll finally get to see what it does on the highway this weekend.

Of course the ultimate in fuel efficiency would be a Plug-in hybrids (you can't really buy 'em right now, you pretty much have to make 'em yourself or have someone retrofit a Prius or something for you). The gas engine doesn't kick in until after you've gone 40 miles or more, when the battery runs out. Since my last fill-up, I averaged just 28 miles a day. If I had a plug-in hybrid, I might not have used any gas at all these past two weeks!

Don't forget, folks, as we rejoice at "cheap" $2.11 a gallon gasoline. Hybrids are much more than about saving $ on gas. It's about reducing emmissions, and eliminating our dependence on foreign oil. Buy a hybrid today!

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John said...

You are such a liberal! ;-)
But this is something we kind of agree on. I saw a video on AOL the other day on the air car, it will be ready for mass production in only a year. All you have to do is fill the "tank" up with compressed air. It only goes 55 MPH right now, but for a station or around town car, it is great. Use this link to find the link for the video and here is the website for the research site