Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In Effort To Thwart Scalpers, Tom Petty Cancels 1200 Concert Tickets

Approximately 800 tickets to a June 20th Madison Square Garden concert were invalidated by Tom Petty, and have been put up for resale to members of his fan club. A large block of tickets had originally been set aside for a pre-sale exclusively available to members of the club, but Petty worked with Ticketmaster and MSG to identify those which had either been resold or acquired by scalpers, violating the club membership agreement.

Another 460 tickets for concerts in St. Paul, Minnesota were also invalidated when they were found to have been acquired by scalpers. In addition to refunding the money to the original buyers, the fan club memberships of those who illegally tried to resell tickets were also cancelled. In cases where fans bought tickets from a scalper, they must try and get their money back from the scalper.

The fan club, "Highway Companions" was set up, in part, to give fan club members access to the best tickets for shows, and help minimize scalping.

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