Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Job

So I quit my job last month to start a brewery.

My buddy Dustin and I decided that the best place for the brewery would be somewhere between Savannah, GA and England and we named our beer Otter Head. We were set to kick off our new venture at the Rock 92 Brewfest in Greensboro, but the distributor only sent us two cases of beer bottles, co
ntaining less than half an ounce of beer each!

Luckily our
customers at the Brewfest weren't too upset with our lack of spring water fresh brew, and we had many people happily line up for a tiny sip of Otter Piss, I mean, Head.

Anyway, obviously the brewery thing didn't work out so now I have to move to New Jersey to sell toothbrushes. Thanks a lot, England!

Here are some pics from the beerfest, our first and last day as brewers!

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