Friday, August 17, 2007

V At The Movies

Netflix delivered "The Queen" this week. Even after watching this film about the British Monarchy's reaction to Princess Diana's death, I still don't get the whole concept of the British Monarchy. Am I even saying right. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and gleaned a little information, but honestly I have to say that the whole monarchy business is the one thing that makes the British people look a little stupid. From what I can gather, the monarchy is essentially just a symbolic leadership figure that saps millions of dollars from their economy. The British public's obsession with the goings-ons of the Royal Family is only slightly less dumb than Americans' obsession with Britney, Paris, Nicole and Hillary. I just don't get it. The movie was pretty much a snoozefest too. Unless you're a Diana-fan, and need to check a box off your list, I say skip this disc.
The Queen Grade: C-
Other recent films on DVD I'd recommend: Zodiac, Knocked Up, Breach, Reign Over Me, Fracture

We were lucky enough to score sneak preview tickets to Superbad. Because Arrested Development is one of our favorite shows of all-time, we were really rooting for "George Michael" Michael Cera to have a hit movie. I think our hopes will come true. This movie is really funny. Although perhaps a little derivative of American Pie (and every other movie about high school teenagers trying to get laid), the banter between Cera and his co-stars was just hilarious. Producer Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Talladega Nights) has quickly become the comedy producer of the moment, supplanting The Farrelly Brothers. And if they ever get around to making an Arrested Development movie, Michael Cera just upped his salary because this movie is going to make him a pretty big star. Very, very funny.
Superbad Grade: A-
Other films in theatres I'd recommend: The Simpsons Movie

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