Friday, August 17, 2007

V Music: Spoon

I stumbled across Spoon recently. I love these guys! The lead singer sounds like he's British, though he's actually from Texas, which not coincidentally is where the band formed. I'll do my best to describe their music - it's fun rock, marked by interesting and catchy rhythms and great lyrics. All Music's Mike DaRonco says that "Their hybrid of indie and punk resulted in a number of Sonic Youth and Pixies comparisons," they are "musically adventurous," marked by "mixed unusual instrumentation and nods to Motown and soul," Good enough a description as any, I guess! I highly recommend you visit their myspace page to sample the music. Then, go to itunes and download some tracks or an album (or two). I've got "Don't Make Me A Target," "The Underdog," "Black Like Me," "Sister Jack," and "The Way We Get By" on my iPod rotation.
Link: Spoon on myspace
Link Official Spoon website

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