Thursday, July 07, 2005

Music Notes

With the sad images coming out of London this morning, reminding us what a violent world we live in, I thought this was a good time to provide a couple music links. Music has always been my favorite way to escape a little bit, and help me get through difficult periods.

Firstly, here's a cool link for any true-blue Counting Crows fans. It's a whole page of rare songs and alternate versions to some of your favorite CC songs. I happen to think that Adam Duritz is one of the best songcrafters of this generation, so this was a real treat for me:

Secondly, this may be one of the worst pieces of music to have ever been created, but it makes me smile all the same, so it's a must watch. It's the 1986 Mets video for the team’s theme song that season, Lets Go Mets. Link: Even if you're not a Mets fan it's a real riot to watch. A peek back at a different era, of sorts. Really, whatever happened to this lost art form, the team sports video? Remember the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle? I guess the 2004 Red Sox are just too cool to create a World Series Wiggle or whatever.

Finally, here's the video of Jessica Simpson washing a car in a bikini:*
I'd say the music is secondary to the imagery in this video, but that would be giving the music too much credit. Enjoy!

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