Monday, July 11, 2005

Where do you stand?

The past two presidential elections created a very testy environment between the two parties. We've become a nation divided into Red States and Blue States, with all of us individuals feeling isolated if we happen to have voted one way while our state went the other. We feel obliged to pick a side, declare our allegiance to it, and consider the opposing party the enemy. Well, if we're gonna pick sides, we may as well make sure the one we pick is in line with how we feel in our heart of hearts. Are you a 'conservative' because your parents are? Are you a 'liberal' because you don't care for George Bush?

Well here's a neat online questionaire that will help you figure out not only which side of the fence you really sit, but also just how Left or how Right you may actually be. The quiz may reaffirm your perspective or it might serve to make you question your allegiance entirely! Take it and see for yourself:

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