Monday, January 30, 2006

Woe Is Mookie

We tried to give Mookie a gift this weekend - the gift of freedom. Little Mookie loves to run around our yard, but we usually have to keep a leash on her because she likes to run into the neighbor's yard and sniff around their barbecue. We also felt that she wasn't getting enough time outside, with the chance to run around and exercise. So this Saturday we spent most of the day installing an underground fence.

It was relatively easy to install, and I had it finished Sunday afternoon. Then it was time to start the training.

Basically, the training is that you allow the dog to wander towards the boundary, marked by white flags, until she gets a "correction" (i.e static shock), at which time you pull her back into the yard, praise her, give her a treat and then wiggle the flag to show her it was because she crossed the boundary that she got zapped. They say the system is safe for any dog over 8 pounds (Mookie is about 28 lbs.), but we tested the collar on ourselves and it is not pleasant!

I think we traumatized our dog! So far, she's been "corrected" (i.e. zapped) three times. She definitely does not like the zapping, but I don't think she is making the connection between getting shocked and the boundary. She is very cautious outside right now, because I think she is afraid this could happen at any time while outside. Usually I have to drag her back inside after a little while outside, but this morning she wanted to go back in as quick as possible!

Hopefully she will learn quickly, and learn that outside is still fun, as long as she stays within the boundary. I feel so guilty!

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