Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Career Of Bob Saget

Bob Sagat carried a reputation as the corniest man in show biz with his work as host of America's Funniest Videos in the 1990's. He did a pretty good job voicing over video of animals acting crazy, but it was often so cheesy that you couldn't help but laugh.

He also starred on Full House as the geeky dad, especially compared to the "cool" Uncle Jesse and "funny" Joey. Even though we heard rumors that Bob saget was actually a raunchy stand-up comedian, we couldn't shake the image of him as a cornball.

Last year we finally caught a glimpse of Bob's dirty side when he appeared on The Aristocrats telling a raunch version of the joke. Maybe he wasn't so cheesy after all?

Well, it seems he misses his America's Funniest Videos days a lot, because he's now creating a spoof of March Of The Penguins, where he's going to voice over penguins in the parody. This could be good, but it could also restore is cornball reputation.

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