Friday, March 17, 2006

Pearl Jam is Back (and Tom Petty too!)

Last night I downloaded the new single from Pearl Jam, "World Wide Suicide" off their upcoming album Pearl Jam. WWS is a great track, reminding me a bit of "Satan's Bed," from Vitalogy, which in my opinion is still their best album to date.

I'm real excited about the new release, and hoping their worldwide tour brings them to NC this year. I won't be buying the CD in a record store though. I'm preordering the album here, and for $19.50 (including shipping) I'll get the new album mailed to me, along with a live CD of a 1992 New Years show, and at midnight of the release date (May 2), I'll be able to download the entire album to my computer.

As for the tour, well this could get REALLY interesting. My all-time-favorite artist Tom Petty also has a new CD due out soon (likely in June) and he'll be touring with the Heartbreakers in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their first album. According to an article in Billboard:

"What we're trying to do is a bunch of shows with different artists that either we like or think would be an interesting show," Petty manager Tony Dimitriades tells Billboard. "One of the main things we're doing is a bunch of shows with Pearl Jam. We're also talking to John Mayer about doing some dates, as well as the Strokes."

I have no interest in John Mayer, but a Petty/Pearl Jam combo would be friggin' amazing!

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korova said...

can't wait for new album. been a pj fan for 15 years now!! sounds like it will be awesome. don't know about buying online...i live in uk so would have to wait 4-6 weeks - i can't wait that long!!! plus i don't have broadband so download would be a nightmare!!!