Friday, March 24, 2006

Lesson Learned: Buy, Don't Lease.

One problem with renting is that you don't own the place so there are limitations on what you can do. When we moved to North Carolina we lived in an apartment for six months, and I couldn't get DirecTV because the satellite dish would have had to have been mounted to the building. I was real glad to buy a home just so I could free myself from Time Warner Cable!

It seems Prince has been paying NBA Star Carlos Boozer $70,000 a month in rent to live in the basketball player's Los Angeles mansion. But now Boozer is suing The Purple One for making too many alterations. Among Prince's "upgrades":

Painting the exterior with purple striping,
Painting a O(+> symbol on the house's exterior with the numbers 3121.
Installing a purple monogrammed carpet was in the master bedroom
Installing plumbing and piping for "beauty salon chairs."

I didn't see anything about satellite dishes, so maybe Prince likes cable?

By the way, Newsday says Prince's new album is his best since Sign O' The Times. I like what I've heard from the album, particularly 'Fury,' which was performed on SNL, but I have heard that "best since Sign O' The Times" line so many times in the last ten years that I am not sure how much to believe it.

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