Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One Example Of Highly Effective Direct Mail Advertising

Just got this message in my inbox with the subject line, INVOICE:

-Se`nsattional revolution in m`eedicine!

-It's h`erbal sol`ution what hasn't side effect, but has 100% gua`ranteeed results!

-Don`'t loose your chance and but know wiht`out doubts,, you will be i`mpressed with results!!!!

Clic`k h`ere: http://craigstelecomsolutions.info

I usually don't respond to unsolicited e-mails, but this company's advertising is just so convincing! How can I delete this message without feeling like I'm missing out on an amazing opportunity? I really believe this h'erbal sol' ution will change my life for the better! Plus, the subject line is "invoice," so I must have committed to this in the past and forgotten about it so I had better make good on my promise and order mass quantities!! Don't worry, Craig's Telecom Solutions, my order is forthcoming!!!

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