Wednesday, December 07, 2005

From The Junk Mail File...

I think this may be a recurring feature here, posting spam messages I find amusing....

I just got this in my e-mailbox. A company called Encompass Media wants me to know that pizzerias nationwide are now offering up their pizza boxes as advertising space. For example:

I have two concerns about this:

1) Since they're now being subsidized by advertisers, will it make my pizza any cheaper?

2) What will happen to the stereotypical overweight Italian guys who usually model for the covers of these things?

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Vinny said...

I actually included something about the infiltration by advertisers of pizza boxes in a post on my blog a little over a year ago. Truly sickening stuff.

And no, the pizza's not any cheaper.

Here's the post if anyone's interested:

Is Nothing Sacred?