Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Subway Sestina

Some days I really miss the big city. Even though I really lived on Long Island, I did commute to "The City" for several years. Today the NY City transit workers went on strike, leaving many many people who depend on the subways and buses stranded. As New Yorkers we cursed the subways, but I am sure they are missing those trains today. Check out this sestina by Adam Mazmanian called Sestina For The Q Train. I used to take the Q Train daily up to my job's offices on 56th and 6th. Here's an exerpt of Adam's sestina:

"No trains," says a workman, after a contemptuous eternity,
"Stop here tonight. Upstairs for the Q Train."
They follow me, the passengers, through Canal
Street Station, and one in particular, Shirley,
introduces herself right there on the platform,
and asks, would I share with her a taxi across the bridge.

Read the full Sestina here, and find out what a sestina is here. I am going to try and write a sestina myself over the holidays. I haven't written any sort of poetry in years. Wish me luck!

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