Tuesday, December 06, 2005

V Photo

My cousin has a blog where he puts his photography skills on display. Today he's showing off his photo editing skills as well. How quickly can you spot what was changed in the retouched image of this original shot?


Photo Grrl said...

Well, the lighting and resolution in the retouched photo is definitely MUCH better, it was a bit blurry in the first shot (but maybe that's just me, too many hours spent in front of the monitor).

For a good photo editing resource (where you don't have to download any frustrating software), have your cousin check out:

He can make slideshows, video montages, photo books easily with this resource.

Let me know what he thinks!


Mike V said...

Photo Grrl,

you missed the major difference. Lok again. (Don't feel bad, I totally missed it as well). You will kick yourself when you see it!