Friday, December 16, 2005

Yet Another New Coke

If Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke doesn't sound appealing enough to you, Coca-Cola will attempt to appeal to your taste buds (and open your wallet) for Coca-Cola Blak, a combination coffee/cola carbonated beverage in 2006. According to a press release, the new flavor is aimed at adults.

"Coca-Cola Blāk is not just a flavor extension. It is a blend of unique Coke refreshment with the true essence of coffee and has a rich smooth texture and has a coffee-like froth when poured. We believe we have created a new category of soft drink – an adult product in a carbonated beverage – and a whole new drinking experience. This brand is ideal for any part of the day when people are looking for renewed energy or simply to take a break," said Marc Mathieu, vice president, Global Core Brands, The Coca-Cola Company.

People in France will be the first to try the new soda, in January, with Americans getting a taste sometime later in 2006. To me, the bottle looks like a beer. What do you think?:

I will definitely give this new drink a try, but I am not optimistic about it. I guess we'll have to see. Meanwhile, Pepsi is making sure they don't get caught in the dust. If Coca-Cola Blāk takes off, they'll be ready with Pepsi Cappuccino.

Not nearly as sexy a name,
but I think it might come down to which company hits the U.S. first.

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