Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flag Daze

Mookie is getting acclimated to the underground fence, but slowly. So far she won't violate the boundary, mostly because she won't go anywhere near the flags that mark it! She won't go within 15 feet of one!

I just found out about a job search engine that helps you find jobs that allow you to bring your dog with you to the office. I don't think Mookie would do well in an office, but I am going to give Mookie the link. I want her to find herself a job where she can bring me in to work with her. I wouldn't mind taking a nap on the floor while she earned some money.

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Jen said...

Interesting link...

I looked up jobs in my area and one was out of state and the other sounded positive.

Then I looked up jobs in my husband's field (sales). The first 5 or so jobs were work from home (no sh*t this is dog friendly, you work from your own house). The other job was out of town and required 90% travel. For some reason, I do not consider a job that requires 90% travel to be pet friendly, unless they'll ship our greyhound around the globe with him!

I wonder, what does a company need to do to be on this list. And that comanpies that are, are there dogs running around all over the office? I wonder how this affects productivity...