Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Our Trip To Costa Rica Day Four

Today was Valentine's Day, and to celebrate we took a wonderful Sunset Cruise on the Pacific. The view was breathtaking, and while waiting to see the sun go down, we saw dolphins! "Dolphin watching" was advertised with the package, but we honestly didn't expect to see any. Howver, we saw so many! At one point they leaped out of the water as if in a Sea World show. It was magnificent!

Also on the boat, we tried Cacique for the first time. Cacique is the brand name of a local alcohol called guaro that is made from sugar cane. While only 60 proof, it packs a nice punch when mixed with Fresca. So 'Cacique y Fresca' is what we had, and was what we got quite drunk on during the cruise. The sunset was gorgeous, even rivaling the sunsets we saw in Greece on our honeymoon. We'll never forget the views. Once the sun went down we turned the boat back towards the resort, but first the crew turned all the lights off on the boat, so we were able to admire the incredible star-filled sky. I had never seen so many stars! It made us feel very small, and very fortunate.

We had a small dinner at the resort's Mexican restaurant. The food was very good, especially my appetizer, which was ceviche. We headed to bed early, as we have to wake up early tomorrow for another all-day excursion!

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