Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Trip To Costa Rica - Days Six, Seven and Eight

Thursday, February 16th:

The weather was fantasic today once again. We started the morning off with a delicious breakfast, including granadilla fruit, tamales, platanos madura, and that fantastic Costa Rican coffee. We relaxed around the pool, and later in teh morning boarded a small boat to take a trip over to nearby Coco Beach to have lunch and buy souveniers. On the way to Coco, we were lucky enough to see more exotic wildlife. This time we saw a humpback whale with a baby! Just incredible. There are people who pay good money to go on whale watching cruises and never see a thing. we had no expectations of seeing a whale on this excursion it was basically a water taxi over to the nearby beach and town. It was just plain awesome.

When we arrived at Coco, we spent a little time admiring the pelicans dive for fish, and then explored the town. It was a very dry, hot day to be walking around dusty Coco, but we did have a good lunch at Casino Restaurant and bought some coffee at the supermarket to bring back to our friends at home. We also bought some souvenirs for ourselves.

When we got back to the resort, we relaxed in the hot tub with cocktails (I had a Michelada), then went back to the room for a well deserved nap. Okay, maybe we didn't deserve it, but we enjoyed it!

Friday, February 17th:

With all the excursions we took this week, today was the first day we got a chance to check out the Allegro's private beach. The beach at the resort itself is just perfect for relaxing, but as a bonus they have a private beach that requires a short boat ride to get to. The private beach was gorgeous! We relaxed in hammocks, took a dip in the water, and enjoyed more cocktails, of course! We also saw many, many howler monkeys lounging in the trees above us. There were too many to count. Just incredible. A littel while later, a family of white-face monkeys came swinging through the trees past us. The howlers made quite a fuss, unhappy at the visitors, but the white-faced monkeys just kept on going.

After a few hours, we headed back to the Allegro, for a game of volleyball in the pool, more cocktails in the hot-tub, lunch, more cocktails, and another nap. Tonight we ate in the resort's Italian restaurant, and it was a perfect way to end the trip. The food was excellent, and our waiter made us a special flaming coffee liquor drink to finish off teh evening. I wrote down all teh ingredients but unfortuantely lost my pad since then. Oh well! Our trip to Costa Rica was fantastic - Pura Vida!

Saturday, February 18th:

Please know in advance that you will be charged a tourist tax when you leave Costa Rica - it is $25 a person. We did not know about it before hand, and we must admit it was a little disappointing to leave the country with that experience. Our flight out of Liberia was delayed - by three hours - and the airport is not very comfortable for that kind of delay. It is not air-conditioned, except for the small gift shop, so please be prepared for this when you go. As I said, our flight was delayed by three hours, so when we finally got to Miami, we missed our connection to Greensboro. And to make matters worse, this was the last flight out of Miami to GSO for the night! All the area hotels were booked for the night and so the Miami International Airport was our hotel for the night. After a week in a gorgeous resort it was quite a different experience sleeping on the floor of the very chilly airport that night. We finally made it home Sunday afternoon - all in all it was a fantastic trip and we can't wait for another chance to visit the beautiful region of Central America.

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