Monday, February 27, 2006

Still Travelin, Travelin, On...

Got back from the grand state of Utah after midnight last night, and picked up Mookie from her dogsitter after work today. Wednesday morning I'm on the road again, heading to San Francisco for the weekend. I'm looking forward to eating at a restaurant called Slanted Door, which I hear is outstanding. I'll let you know.

Hopefully I'll be a nit better prepared for this trip than this one that just past. We walked out the door Thursday night without our toiletries bag. So, among other things, I didn't have a razor with me. Since we were attending a wedding Saturday, I couldn't avoid shaving entirely, but I was going to have to go without the Gillette Mach 3 and the Shick Quattro I rotate between, and use the disposable Bics that mom has a stash of for forgetful guests. Well we went to Albertson's supermarket Friday night to pick up some deodorant to replace the stuff I also forgot, when I saw it:

The Gillette Fusion shaver.

Now, when I saw the commercial for this new shaver during the Super Bowl I wasn't impressed. Gillette has upped the ante to a FIVE BLADE razor, with a sixth blade on the back side for trimming sideburns. How much difference fcould five blades make over four, or even three, I thought.

But then I saw the razor in person.

The razor has a very cool design, but I must admit, the single biggest reason I broke down and bought it was the color scheme: Mets Blue and Orange. Oh yeah.

Of course, I didn't but the battery powered version. After all, I have enough trouble avoiding cutting myself when the blade isn't moving! And anyway, the battery powered version is more orange and silver instead of blue and orange.

Yes, I am pathetic, but I believe the new razor set the tone for the weekend, later on during which I was able to secure tickets for Mets' Opening Day.

Oh, and by the way, the razor works really well. Very nice shave. Forgot to mention that, somehow.

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