Monday, February 13, 2006

Of Our Trip To Costa Rica Day Three (PART TWO)

NOTE: I lost my notepad on our trip to Utah in February, so many of my notes on recipes, animal names, and places were lost. I'll continue to blog to the best of my memory on this awesome trip:

We made it through the water slide okay, though it would have been more fun if it were warmer. We had a real nice lunch of traditional Costa Rican fare. Especially tasty were the fried plantains. After eating them, you never want to have regular potato chips again! We then took a real nice horseback ride to some hot springs, and then to a beautiful natural waterfall. It was a beautiful ride through the countryside, and we saw a geothermal energy power plant, which generates electricity from the nearby volcano. Much of the country's electricity comes from this type of power plant. Finally, we took a bus back to our hotel where we had a terrific dinner. On this night the cocktail of the night was something called a sabanero? which is made with a local fruit. Very tasty, and I regret not writing down the recipe.

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